Unsurpassed Connectivity Improving Your Reach.

A few miles from the I-435 loop, shipments from LPKC can quickly reach all of Kansas City — and beyond.

Central Location

The Kansas City Transportation Advantage

Whether by highway, water, rail or air, Kansas City offers excellent transportation advantages. Because of its central location and outstanding multimodal infrastructure, it is easier and more cost-efficient to ship into and out of Kansas City, making Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) an ideal location for production facilities, warehouses and distribution centers. When you are located in the nation’s heartland, you have an immediate cost advantage when shipping raw materials and finished goods.

Value of Co-Location

Get Closer, Move Faster, Reduce Costs.

Co-location is locating a distribution center or warehouse at or near a BNSF Intermodal Facility which helps to reduce transportation costs through shorter dray, more truck turns & more logistics efficiency. These elements combined with a competitive cost per square foot, will help shippers achieve a leaner, greener, supply chain and ultimately, a stronger bottom line.

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LPKC Aerial

Lower Transportation Costs

Substantially lower transportation costs by reducing drayage charges.
Semi Truck

Lower Fuel Cost Volatility

Lower fuel cost volatility (by cutting fuel consumption).
Semi Truck driving away

Improve Efficiency

Maximize truck turns and minimize the number of trucks and drivers needed.

Lower Transportation Costs

Substantially lower transportation costs by reducing drayage charges.

Increase Supply Chain Options

Increase supply chain options by combining various rail services with other modes of transportation. LPKC offers: Domestic Container and Trailer Intermodal Service, International Container Intermodal Service, and Direct-rail / Carload Service
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Increase Outbound Capacity

Increase outbound capacity by clustering equipment and services.

Community & Regional Attributes

Located in Johnson County, LPKC is Approximately 25 Miles Southwest of Downtown KC.

With financial and technical resources, a skilled workforce, nationally ranked pro-business environment, highway accessibility and excellent quality of life factors, Logistics Park Kansas City is the ideal location for your warehouse or distribution center.

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Supply Chain & Logistics Training

The Learning & Career Center at LPKC is focused on Developing a Highly Trained Workforce for the Supply Chain & Logistics Industry.

The Learning & Career Center (LCC) at Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) is a collaborative effort between private industry, educational institutions, community and workforce partners.
The LCC strives to create training programs that produce excellent employees and deliver employment services to job seekers and companies within the LPKC Business Park and surrounding Southwest Johnson County, Kansas area.

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Logistics Park Kansas City is Expected to Generate 13,000 Jobs During the Next 10 to 20 Years.

With an educated and abundant workforce, companies evaluating LPKC as a location for warehouses or distribution facilities can be assured the workforce in the surrounding cities, counties and states can accommodate the labor pool needs.

The Johnson County Labor Force

Johnson County’s economy has experienced unparalleled growth and diversification for more than two decades, boasting a 5.6 percent unemployment rate. In the 23-county laborshed, Johnson County leads the way accounting for 62 percent of the total growth of the labor force.

Presently ranked as one of the nation’s most dynamic metro-centers, there are approximately 1.34MM workers in the Johnson County laborshed, which includes an estimated 139K workers commuting to jobs in Johnson County from other counties.

For more information & detailed reports, visit Southwest Johnson County EDC’s website.

Greater Kansas City Profile

The Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC) is a great resource for doing business in the Kansas City region. For regional labor data or to create a customized report,
visit KCADC’s website.

To view wage and employment statistics for jobs specific to supply chain and logistics in the Kansas City metropolitan area, click here.

For more workforce development data, with an emphasis on supply chain education and programs, visit the KC SmartPort website.