Logistics Park Kansas City is expected to generate 13,000 jobs during the next 10 to 20 years. With an educated and abundant workforce, companies evaluating LPKC as a location for warehouses or distribution facilities can be assured the workforce in the surrounding cities, counties and states can accommodate the labor pool needs.

The Johnson County Labor Force

Johnson County’s economy has experienced unparalleled growth and diversification for more than two decades, boasting a 5.6 percent unemployment rate. In the 23-county laborshed, Johnson County leads the way accounting for 62 percent of the  total growth of the labor force.

Presently ranked as one of the nation’s most dynamic metro-centers, there are approximately 1.34 million workers in the Johnson County laborshed, which includes an estimated 139,000 workers commuting to jobs in Johnson County from other counties.

For more information and detailed reports, visit Southwest Johnson County EDC’s website.

Greater Kansas City Profile

The Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC) is a great resource for doing business in the Kansas City region. For regional labor data or to create a customized report, visit KCADC’s website. To view wage and employment statistics for jobs specific to supply chain and logistics in the Kansas City metropolitan area, click here.

For more workforce development data, with an emphasis on supply chain education and programs, visit the KC SmartPort website.